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Controlled Burns Fall 2019

Controlled Burns Fall 2019
Posted on 10/10/2019
Controlled Burns Fall 2019

Controlled burns are a tool used to control the spread of invasive and noxious plant species, and promote the health of prairie vegetation.

Because controlled burns rely heavily on different aspects of the weather such as: wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, plant moisture content, etc. we cannot provide the exact date and time the burns will take place at each location; however, at a minimum, adjacent/affected property owners will be notified and signage placed when burns are being conducted.

Burn permits and prescribed burn plans are in place for the burns to be conducted, and the Fire Department will be on site to assist with burn control as needed.

When the burns are conducted, weather conditions are monitored for wind conditions that will conduct smoke away from occupied buildings.  However, closeness of some buildings to the burn areas may mean that smoke will be present and may enter buildings despite best efforts to prevent it.  It is recommended that persons with smoke allergies or asthma keep their windows closed when a burn is being conducted and for several hours afterwards.  These persons may also wish to leave their homes if they are able during the burn to avoid smoke exposure.

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