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There are a number of options to stay connected and informed of community events, emergencies and other happenings that may disrupt routines or create hazardous conditions.

While the media plays an important role in delivering information to the community, it is also important for citizens to stay connected to the source(s) of information for accurate, up-to-date information on issues that may impact you, your family and our community.

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Davenport Direct provides news and notices straight to your device, and is one of the most reliable way to stay informed of the items you are most interested in: Snow Emergencies and Flood Updates, Ward Meetings, Parks and Recreation Programs, Street Closures, Fire Safety Reminders, Volunteer Opportunities and More.

Just select the News and Notices you wish to receive, and how you want to receive them - Text, Voice, and E-mail Notifications Available. 

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Emergency Weather Alerts and Notifications

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Dav CitiBus | MetroLINK | Bettendorf Transit

The FREE CitiBus Transloc Rider App takes the guesswork out of trip planning. With the smart phone app you can:

  • Plan your trip. 
  • Track buses on the route in real time and know when it will arrive at your location.
  • See what routes connect at transit hub/transfer locations.
  • Find out what time connecting buses will arrive.
  • Receive Rider Alerts and other important notifications.

The Transloc Rider App can be downloaded for free on the App Store or on Google Play.

You can also use our on-line map for trip planning, bus tracking and more.  Check it out at this link. 

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