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W Locust St Resurfacing - Division to Marquette

W Locust St Resurfacing - Marquette to Division
Posted on 12/20/2023
W Locust St Resurfacing - Marquette to Division

And, closing out the construction season - W Locust between Division and Marquette re-opened to traffic yesterday evening. Crews returned today to retime signals and place a few remaining street name blades under single reductions. From here on out, travel through the area should be smooth sailing.

Travel lanes will continue to transition on W Locust as work moves from the outside lanes to the middle lanes over the next few weeks. All resurfacing, sidewalks, ADA curbs, stormwater, and other related infrastructure are estimated to be complete by December 11, pending weather.

West Locust St will be see base, intermediate, and surface courses of asphalt in the westbound lanes next week! As part of this stage, full closure of the Marquette and Locust Street, and Washington and Locust Street intersections will be needed on Wednesday, November 8. The closures will be at intermittent times. During each intersection’s closure alternate north/south travel will be available at the intersection that is not closed at the time, or using Gaines, or Division Street. The contractor will continue finish work in the westbound lanes for approximately 1 to 2 weeks following the asphalt application. Once work in the westbound lanes is complete, work will transition to the middle lanes with new traffic control changes. Watch for updates in the coming weeks.

Full steam ahead. The work zone on W Locust Street between Division and Marquette Streets will flip to the westbound lanes beginning mid-day Monday, October 16. One lane of travel in each direction will remain open along the stretch. Washington and Locust Streets will remain a 4-way stop. Local traffic is encouraged to use Pleasant or Lombard to reach businesses on the north side of Locust. Watch for changing traffic control as work progresses. Once milling and asphalt layers have been applied, work will transition to the middle lanes and then the eastbound lanes for finish work. Watch for updates in November. View map.

Asphalt resurfacing on W Locust between Division and Marquette is moving quickly! Next week, the contractor will apply the base, intermediate, and surface layers of asphalt. Here’s what you need to know as we head into the week if you travel this stretch:

  •  Early next week, and specifically Tuesday, the traveling public should use 17th Street and side streets to access locations south of Locust to avoid delays from temporary closures at access points and damage to tires running over hot asphalt.
  •  Watch for changing traffic patterns through the Marquette and Washington Street intersections. Asphalt work will be completed in phases to maintain northbound and southbound traffic.

Work in the eastbound lanes will continue for another week after, to raise utility structures to the new surface. Watch for work to transition to the westbound lanes the week of October 16. 

Resurfacing of W Locust Street between Division and Marquette Streets will begin on September 5 in the eastbound lanes. One lane of travel will be open in each direction. Delays are to be expected. Signals at Marquette and Division will have timing changes to help move traffic, and the Washington signals will be set to flashing and are to be treated as a 4-way stop. North/south travel will only be allowed at Marquette, Washington, and Division; all other streets and alleys will be closed south of Locust. Watch for changing traffic control as work progresses.

The project will include some stormwater system and ADA ramp updates at the intersecting side streets along the stretch. 

All work is expected to be complete by early to mid-December.