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ADA Curb Ramp Installation and Repair

ADA Curb Ramp Installation & Repair

Approximately 150 sidewalk curb ramps are installed or repaired throughout the city each year.

Curb ramp installation locations are selected based on assessment of the location(s), citizen and elected official requests.

To report an ADA curb ramp in need of repair, or to inquire about installation of a new ADA curb ramp where none exists, call us at 563.326.7923 during business or send us a request electronically.

ADA Curb Ramp Installation in New Construction

Construction and zoning ordinances are in place to ensure the city’s transportation network grows with new development. The regulations:

  • Require the installation of sidewalks and ADA curb ramps with all new construction where pedestrian connections do not exist*.
  • Require the installation of sidewalks and ADA curb ramps in new subdivisions to ensure pedestrian access.

*While installation of sidewalks is required, on occasion developers do seek waiver of this requirement.  Waiving the sidewalk requirement is a City Council decision. 


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