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Easements are an area of private or public land set-aside for a specific use or purpose. Easements give the city and utilities the right to construct and maintain facilities, or infrastructure, in the area of land designated as an easement. These facilities generally serve your home or neighborhood with valuable services, and are designated for those specific services, such as:

  • Channeling and conveying storm water run-off from your property over land (Drainage Easement or Excess stormwater passageway);
  • Utility services such as electric, natural gas, telephone, cable and fiber facilities (Utility Easement);
  • Sanitary sewer lines (Sanitary Sewer Easement or Sewer Easement);
  • Storm sewer lines (Storm Sewer Easement or Sewer Easement);
  • Temporary construction easements (as negotiated with property owners).

Click to view larger example of easement and right-of-wayEasements may also be designated for a combination of the services and facilities described above. Facilities and services provided in the easement may be on, under or above ground within the easement area.

What is important for property owners to know, is that while easements are part of your property, there are certain things you can’t do in the easement to ensure the services and facilities provided in the easement function properly. Things like: bridges, playground equipment, pools, fences, sheds, fill, and other structures or landscaping that can interfere with the function of the easement cannot be placed in an easement. Structures found in an easement as part of inspection or maintenance activities will be required to be removed by the property owner at the property owner’s expense.

Property owners should be made aware of any easements on their property when the property is purchased. If you are unsure of whether your property has a designated easement or not, you can:

Look the information up online using:

Or calling or visiting for more information:

  • The Scott County Recorder’s Office – Administrative Center 600 W. 4th St
    • Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
    • Phone (563) 326-8621
    • Inquiries may also be made to [email protected]
  • Public Works – 1200 E. 46th Street
    • Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
    • Phone: (563) 326-7923
    • Inquiries may also be made to via e-mail.


    Once you know more about an easement that may be on your property, find detail about regulated items in City Code at this link


Davenport Public Works
1200 E 46th St
Davenport, IA 52807